My photographs are traces of my everyday life charged with admiration and enviousness for the work of certain photographers, be they well known or completely unknown to the majority.
I take photographs because I desire to create memories first and foremost for myself, and for those close to me, which entail joy, magic, honesty, directness, austerity - that is how I want to live and remember my past.
I pay great respect to and embrace influences from certain photographers, writers and cinema directors. None and nothing in this world is self-standing: Each one of us needs lots of different, yet carefully chosen, people to feel better and to become a better person in this life. This is a lesson I got through my engagement with photography and techno-sciences.
Perhaps, the following verse by Andreas Ebirikos - which was mentioned by a fellow photographer when saying a thing or two about my work - encapsulates the way I see the world photographed:
My eyelids are transparent curtains.
When I open them I see whatever passes through.
When I close them I see whatever I desire.
                                                                    Andreas Ebirikos, Inland
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