I was born in Athens in 1983 and since 2010 I live abroad. In 2015 I moved to Finland.
During my studies in engineering at a technical university in North-Western Greece,  I joined a  course for amateur photographers, organized by the local cultural association and taught by Dora Karathanasi.

Later on, through Platon Rivellis's teaching  and by joining Photography Circle*,  I came into contact with the work of Julia Margaret Cameron, Eugene Atget, Walker Evans, Garry Winogrand, Diane Arbus, August Sander, Bill Brandt, Carleton Watkins, André Kertész, Jacques Henri Lartigue, Roy Decarava, Clarence  John Laughlin, Leon Levinstein, Eugene Meatyard, Alexander Rodchenko, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Florence Henri, Luigi Ghirri, William Albert Allard, Bernard Plossu, Rosalind Fox Solomon, Ken Schles...to name but a few.

Despite all  possible differences between the above-mentioned photographers, I also sense that they share few common values and qualities  - which fuel my work too - and can be loosely defined as: honesty, clarity of vision, directness, austerity, economy of means and, above all, joy of the photographic process itself.

Until now, my journey had pauses (very few photos taken between 2008 and 2015), acceleration phases (shooting regularly since 2015), "semicolons" (a small photo book published in 2019) and few moments of exposure ( portfolio presentations, solo and group exhibitions). 

*Photography Circle is an Athens-based 34-year old photographic association with 200+ members, all sharing common artistic values.

You can contact me at: abalatsas@gmail.com
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